Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus Precautions To all our Lincoln Road Veterinary Clinic Clients,

Undoubtedly you have received many communications from an array of businesses regarding their response to the Coronavirus. The health of your pet and its access to care at Lincoln Road Veterinary Clinic (LRVC) is as important to us as it is to you; therefore, we are providing you this update on how LRVC is responding to Coronavirus concerns.

First and foremost as your pet’s health care provider, we are committed to providing you continued access to our facility throughout this difficult time.

We have implemented routine intra-day cleaning of all skin contact surfaces with virucide and other disinfecting cleaners, in order to provide the safest possible space for you, your pets, and our staff. We are taking great care in this process to protect you and your pet from exposure to any of these chemicals.

We are no longer allowing clients into the clinic at all.

Additional measures listed below will be implemented effective Thursday afternoon March 19th 2020:

When scheduling appointments we ask that you notify LRVC staff :

  1. If you have been sick recently.
  2. If you have travelled to any current CDC identified high-risk countries.

For all prescriptions we ask that you call all orders in ahead of time. We will take payment over the phone, and bring the prescription out to your car.

For all routine exams and vaccine appointments with the Doctor or technician, please call the clinic when you arrive, and we will send a technician to your car to take your pets information. The technician will bring your pet into the clinic where the requested procedures will be done. Your pet will be returned to you, and payment will be collected outside.

All pets that are unwell will be seen by drop off only.

As of right now we will no longer be scheduling non-essential surgeries, i.e neuters or spays, etc. until told otherwise by officials.

It is important to note that current research supports that pets are not at risk for Coronavirus. Please see CDC site FAQ on the topic.

We deeply appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we do our utmost to continue providing access for your pets.